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It’s not a Question of IF: Digital Printing for Corrugated Packaging Part I & II


Speakers: Kevin Karstedt, CEO, Karstedt Partners, LLC; Jeff Wettersten, President, Karstedt Partners, LLC

For most corrugated converters, the concept of digital printing has been intriguing. But despite the technology’s potential, it has been far too limited in scope to merit serious consideration. At drupa 2016, seven suppliers introduced a new breed of solution, specifically designed to address corrugated converter requirements. Does this new generation of solution have what it takes to address a broad enough range of your needs? Can they meet the speed and throughput requirements? How about the image quality and color gamut requirements? And what will such a system cost both for the initial installation and running costs? Can we finish the statement with ‘a question of when?’ In this first of two webinars sponsored by TAPPI, the experts at Karstedt Partners will discuss what has changed in the past decade of digital development and give the audience insights into how close the industry might be to having a solution. Is ‘when’ now?



Part 1 [link to https://www.tappi.org/education/webinars/its-not-a-question-of-if-digital-printing-for-corrugated-packaging/]

Part 2[link to: https://www.tappi.org/education/webinars/its-not-a-question-of-if-digital-printing-for-corrugated-packaging-part-ii/]





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