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Below are top-rated and strongly recommended books for professionals in the corrugated industry.


Corrugating Defect / Remedy Manual, Sixth Edition

Author: Carbone, J.T.



This manual provides a basis for common knowledge of terms, definitions, and methods of correction of corrugated operational defects. The manual illustrates and provides causes and remedies for hundreds of defects affecting corrugated boxes. The manual is divided into four parts: Corrugated Problems; Printing Problems; Die Cutting Problems; and Finishing and Manufacturers’ Joint Problems. 1999. 210 pages, soft cover.

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Corrugated Adhesives Preparation, Fifth Edition


Editor: Craig E. Nordquist
Peter Snyder



This revised and updated manual provides the box plant with a practical and useful tool to make better starch adhesives as well as see better bond quality. The manual also features the informative chapter, "Troubleshooting - Starch Adhesives and the Corrugated Bond". You are sure to find helpful information in all eight chapters included in this edition.

Contents of this manual include:

  • Introduction: A History of Corrugated Adhesives
  • Starchmaking Equipment
  • Specialty Products and Their Uses
  • The Bonding Process in Corrugated Board
  • The Quality Control of Starch Adhesives
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Concerns
  • Troubleshooting – Starch Adhesives and the Corrugated

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Corrugated Containers Manufacturing Process

Authors: Jody A. Brittain, Stephen R. Perkins, and Philip G. Schnell



This comprehensive textbook describes the entire process of manufacturing corrugated containers. In addition to detailed explanations, the book also features practical troubleshooting tips, and a discussion of common problems and solutions within each major section. Seven detailed chapters cover the following topics:

  • Paper and the Papermaking Process
  • Steam
  • Corrugating Adhesives
  • Singleface Operations
  • Doublebacker Process
  • Combined Board
  • Converting

This textbook is designed to provide in-depth explanations and information for professionals working in all areas of the corrugated containers industry. 2000. 160 pages, soft cover.

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